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Jan Hall of Folk Roots Radio was blown away when she heard our record. 

Blown away like Led Zeppelin I, or Townes Van Zandt's For The Sake Of The Song?  Either way, thanks Jan.  You have great taste. 

Click the picture above to hear the interview.

There’s a melancholy and rawness to the Kellys' music that’s hard to deny. They clearly appreciate the power of words and understand how to weave them together.  Read more...


-Karl Magi, Hub Pages Music

The Kelly Song Collective's Unless and Until is a collection of gritty, deeply felt roots-folk songs, filled with resonant imagery, unexpected lyrical twists & turns, and a heart-on-sleeve authenticity that grabs you from the get-go.
-grant stovel, CKUA radio

Joe and John have hit a home run with this record. A great collection of well diversified and meaningful tunes, heartfelt vocals and excellent arrangements  It will get lots of airplay on my 3 shows. 

-Artie Martello, Mostly Folk/Power Folk

Unless & Until, the new album from John and Joe Kelly as The Kelly Song Collective is a wonderful debut from artists who are new to our radar. Strong songwriting, a lovely warm vocal delivery and support from some of the best musicians on the Toronto folk scene make this a recording you must check out. Sit down with this album, and you’ll need to listen right through to the end. 

-Jan Hall, Folk Roots Radio

... true Townes Van Zandt style ...

strong lyrical outpouring that won John Kelly the

Canadian Songwriting Competition’s Lyrics Category.

Not exactly lightweights here.

... a clear Canadiana sound, The Cliffs Around Conche 

is an excellent tribute to Newfoundland living...

The album closes with Don’t Lay Me Down,

a powerful dirge – emotional and narrative.

Overall, a strong collection from this

collective of songwriting siblings.

-Jesse Wilkinson, rrampt

This interview was by far my funnest! The witty personalities of Joe and John shine through their responses. I could only imagine how entertaining a concert would be!
Read the full interview here
-Linda Bilyeu, Nashville based music writer
All fourteen tracks of the album carry the listener to the atmospheres of the Canadian hinterland in a style that is definitively Canadian.
-125esima strada (Italian music blog)
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