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Pagan Mary

Soft sunlit air runs through Mary's hair

stealing my breath I follow it there.

Sweet wind arose the breeze gently blows

where pagan mary goes.

Praises are sung by only our tongues

incense like brimstone burning our lungs.

Red lips will shine, a throat full of wine

ah pagan mary mine.

Dancing again we kiss as we spin

baring her soul she shows me her sin.

How can it be I love what I see?

Oh pagan mary me.

Aves ahush as we slowly rush 

to follow our flesh like a dirge.

A jig in the rain the sacred and profane

will mix in our veins and will merge.

But this was a dream of spring rain and steam.

Now all of my joy is ripped at the seams.

Desperate lies I unclose my eyes 

and my pagan mary dies.

Now I won't set foot in the place mary's put

under a hill of stone and soot

A stone as it creeps her bleeding heart seeps

and my pagan mary weeps.

Always to be a stone's throw from me,

might well as lie be bonnie over the sea.

Give me a sign that you're doing fine

ah pagan mary mine.

© Audsongs 2001

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