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One On The Chin (George’s Song)

I had my legs beneath me before I could crawl.

And I still wonder at the beauty of it all -

that I’m still standing in the face of every blow.

We tried eye to eye.  We went toe to toe.


I roll with the punches.  They come in bunches.

How much more can one man pay?  I took one on the chin today.


Blood on canvas was the medium I used.

You’re going to go to sleep tonight if you try to light my fuse.

I have a lion’s heart, an iron jaw and will.

And a left hook that will stand you up and if you’re standing still,


Matches I have lost and fights that I have won,

these are love I give to you my son, my son, my son.

I live to fight another foe but now my fists are bare.

Sometimes I feel like I’m just swinging at the air.


My life’s been paradise.  It’s been a living hell.

But I’m still on my feet and I answer every bell.

And I go the distance even though the journey’s hard,

whether I’m the main event or on the undercard.

© Audsongs 2014

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