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Now Then

Now then, yep, let's go right on up in here.
Give little indications of a happy cloud.
Now then, yep, let's go right on up in here.
Maybe in your world there's nothing not allowed.

To hell with changes and revisions.

Have to make some big decisions.
Knew that I was gonna say,

'shoot, let's have some fun today'
'cause every show's a single take

with never even one mistake.
It's really only common sense

and happy little accidents.

The thinner's really odourless.

I wish more cars were motorless,
and people rode their bikes to work.

Bill Alexander is not a jerk.
He's my mentor, taught me things.

In German opera no one sings.
He's got the moves. I've got the hush.

He uses an almighty brush.

We only paint for half an hour.

The cameraman will have to shower.
Lather up a little bit,

then beat the devil out of it.
All your money, more or less,

goes in the mouth of PBS.
I know your pockets aren't that deep.

My audio puts you to sleep.

I could be an old an bitter

man, but I love every critter
great and small. It's not pretend

that everybody needs a friend
'cause nothing hurts when you're alone

like memories and dial tones.
You never know. You could be next,

so send that lonely tree a text.

© Audsongs 2016

Bob says this... a lot.

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