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Merry X-Mas Holy Christ

The church bells are all ringing.

My hands and ears are stinging.

There’s the midnight singing.

Merry X-mas, holy Christ.

Santa makes his rounds now.

I’m inches from the hounds now.

The only living sounds now

are little children’s dreams.


I’m no half-assed bawler.

I wish I had a dollar

for every time I holler

‘Brother, can you spare a dime?’

Today, I couldn’t borrow

much against my sorrow.

Another day’s tomorrow.

Next week’s another year.


My days are getting fewer.

It’s warm above the sewer.

Although I hardly knew her,

she stopped and said hello.

That green-eyed girl could smile

and make me laugh a while.

She ran a quarter mile

when I tried to kiss her lips.


Nothing left for a chorus.

I wouldn’t want to bore us.

Maybe you could score us

a cheaper jug of wine.

I’ll drink it to remember

a gentler, kind December

that’s just a sighing ember

in ashes that forget.


Every tavern’s barred me.

Every face has scarred me.

The old Salvation Army

Tries to feed me Christ.

I hear the carols mocking

my holey, empty stocking.

It would be quite shocking

if I pissed on their parade.

© Audsongs 2014

John, from the Song A Week project in 2014.  A gospel song.

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