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Mirror and smoke shed the light.

He reminds me of the you I am.

Moon beam burnt cows in the night—

How long will I lie underneath your lamb?


Bird’s got a lock with her song.

Outside lover says she’s ‘in the know’.

Just slip the key on my tongue.

I’ve got a problem with commitment though.


But I don’t need no drink.

I need a bigger head I think.

All the pills you thought I swallowed,

I just spit them down the sink.

Get up off of your 501’s and buy this guy a drink

‘Cause he’s crazy, lazy, everything just got a little hazy.


I could get out of this place,

But there’s a vague predictability:

Three squares and all of this place.

And I’m proud of my facility.


I could return if I wish,

And wear the make-up of my sanity.

But you with the memory of fish,

And salt water running from your vanity.

© Audsongs 2001

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