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I wanna make my fortune on the internet

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They say it can be done without breaking a sweat

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I recorded two drunks that were having a fight

I put it on YouTube Saturday night

Got 2K views of that very first vid

So I quit school and here’s what I did


I set myself on fire and did my own skin graft

Half a million subs watch me play Minecraft

I asked for suggestions on Instagram

Hit my nuts with a frying pan


I got low self-esteem so I crave your attention

Please subscribe and take time to mention

That you like all the content that I put online

Search sadboy underscore 1 4 9


Got a product line and some other merch

Type sad boy store on your internet search

My Facebook account is its own life hack

Kylie Jenner better watch her back


Did a time lapse make up mash up vid

Traveled to Bali, Rio and Madrid

People get tattoos of my face on their bodies

Got a million from google and two from the Saudis


Got Pewdie Pie’s snap and Beyonce’s text

World domination beyond burger is next

At YouTube conventions they wanna pet my dog

Got thirty different monkeys to write my blog


They don’t have the internet yet on Mars

I got my face on Uber's cars

My Snapmap put me on Jupiter's rings

But I got my mind on bigger things

My link's in the bio leave your comments below

I own social media or didn't ya know

© Michael Worthington Music 2019

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