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Our Life Is Not A Love Song

Our life is not a love song I used to wish it was

Every note that I would write met deafening applause

I used to bring you flowers, you'd kiss me as I slept

And all the flaws uncovered we gladly would accept

But our life is not a love song to spark the darkest sky

But harmony resolves a line and embers never die

But time keeps a secret I always thought I knew

That love is more of everything the more time I spend with you

Rain fell so softly like tears upon the glass

Now it's just the reason why I can't cut the grass

We used to walk for hours and drive for hours more

Now the only time I take the wheel is to drive you to the store

Our life is not a love song, my home is not a castle

I call it bills and broken stuff and pretty much a hassle

The pitter pat of little feet used to fill my heart

Now they're grown and stinky, hell I don't know where to start

© Michael Worthington Music 2019

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