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The Ballad Of The Nirvana Guns 'N Roses Feud

Slash was born ‘cross the pond
And Kurt in Aberdeen
Axl came from Lafayette
the rest somewhere between

The whole crew had messed up childhoods
Divorce and drugs and god
Except for Novoselic
He was just plain odd

Axl hit the sunset strip
with the youth of twenty years 
in search of drugs and sex
in rock and roll he found his peers

Kurt would draw and fail at sports
His mom had forced him out
sometimes living under bridges
lonely nights about

I’ll save you the minutiae 
of small clubs and paying dues
Suffice to say that Appetite
and Nevermind were huge

So Nirvana were the upstarts
the year was ‘92
Guns ‘N Roses were the gods
Rock stars through and through

You see Axl like Nirvana
Even wore their hat
The feeling was not mutual
Kurt said we’re not that

Axl wanted them on tour
Called him round the clock
Kurt just wasn’t interested
Said Axl just won’t stop

So Axl mocks alternative
called Kurt a junky like his wife
said they oughta be in jail
Lock em up for life
So at the MTV awards 
Kurt’s there with Frances Bean
Courtney jokes to Axl 
Then sparks flew on the scene

He says shut your bitch up
or I’ll take you down
Kurt says shut up bitch
Laughter all around

Then Courtney fires a volley
right at Axl’s chick
the bodyguards and camera man
took off double quick

Drunk as skunks two bassists
carry on the row
Duff approaches Krist
It’s getting heated now

One pushes the other
Both ready to brawl
The crew pulled the pair apart
Not much of a fight at all

Then Nirvana played and trashed the stage
Grohl’s taunting still went on
Kurt spit on Axl’s keyboard
It was actually Elton John’s

Then the Gunners found a trailer
Nirvana’s double wide
They didn’t know that Courtney
and her daughter were inside

Security was called
And the rock stars vanished quick
Kurt called them jerks and homophobes 
and sexist and pathetic

So the years pass by and Kurt is gone
and tensions float away
They all became a loving bunch
And remain so to this day
My favourite is Izzy Stradlin
He could walk the line
between a rock star and an artist
That’s why he’s so benign

You see fame and drugs and mental health
They’re a trio doomed to fail
Just ask their wives and children
In rehab and in jail

And any artist troubled
Let’s face it they all are
Whether you’re Townes or Kurt or Jimi
A no one or a star

Is doomed from their first paragraph
First painting or a show
Ask hemingway or Tolstoy
or michael Jackson or van gogh

Fare thee well ye rock stars
I hope you get along
But if you can’t keep writing
At least we’ll hear your song

© Michael Worthington Music 2019

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