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February Thaw


You, give your heads a shake. All you do is bawl

and bang your heads up against a wall.

And you, praying on your knees, lying like a rug -

a former cat in a downward dog.


If you follow, I will call.

Show you every sound I saw.

The sky has rubbed her eyelids raw.

I’d kill for a February thaw.


The truth is buried while it writes the rumours it did

on the inside of a coffin lid.

You, shovelling that soil, tell us what you found

digging through the common ground.


And oh, it’s freezing here.

My hands are numb and oh, my dear,

the beer has hardened, and it won’t go down.


We haven’t talked in days. The pipes are frozen good.

We’re out of matches and firewood.

The ice is on the inside now. The sun is blowing hints

through the topograph of our fingerprints.

© Audsongs 2019

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