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You Are Enough


There’s a box of questions sealed that I can’t open

Underneath this armour like a bruise

Cruel and curled and folded like an insect

In smoke and sleep and scars and these tattoos


And a muddy puddle rising in a rowboat

Swelling, seeping in between my feet

I’d throw a line if not already tethered

In my head and with every heart beat


You are enough 


I had a dream that I was under water

Then it turned and I was in the sky

Rising falling kicking at this vessel

Day and night exceeded my supply

I wrote a melody today

I know you’d like it not the same cliché

It isn’t finished far from a ballet

I wrote a melody today


I thought I saw a sparrow in the garden

I followed it until it flew too high

But the daffodils are pushing through the soil

And maple keys spinning in the sky

© Michael Worthington Music 2018


Written for the fine folks at the UR Enough campaign.

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