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When I First Saw You Standing There

When I first saw you standing there, time did not stand still.

He searched his pocket for his watch and by the window sill

he gauged the angle of the moon to mark his time and place

my hands first felt the rainbow blushing contour of your face.


Time was not a statue then. He stretched his legs and flew,

Made entries in his diary and exited a few.

He spun his hands on onward looked, chiming timed predictions.

“The future, mine or yours,” I said, “are only present fictions.”


Time will tell, and time, he did. A stitch in time, a suture

saved my life from missing yours, so now I see the future.

All in good and by and with, Time filled what I lacked.

And now the fiction of the past is presently the fact.


When I first saw you standing there, Time got up and ran.

For me it’s not when time stood still, but when my time began.

© Audsongs 2014

Love song.

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