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We Played Hockey


With elbow room in my marriage vow

I swore I'd be as good as Gordie Howe.

And I shot right on our wedding night.

On a late September morn

a jersey-wearing baby boy was born

to her and me.  He'll play hockey.


Ya, I know we played it the summer sun

and the winter snow.

Soon you'll see we played hockey. 

We played hockey.


Rockets used to fly. 

We were contrails across a maple sky.

Now the sun has set on this golden jet.

Every blade has left a scar. 

On ice we figure who we are.

She cried with me over Bobby's knee.


Through every valley, every peak,

hockey's been a rosy cheek,

a guiding force to stay the course.

Autumn's come to still the pond

and freeze the world we play upon.

We'll stage a game.  You can be Mario, I'll be Wayne.


The spring has come to tear it down. 

They're closing every rink in town.

The Zamboni's stalled.  Last drinks are called.

The buzzer's gone, but I'm feeling fine. 

I'm used to riding freezing pine.

A eulogy, play hockey for me.

© Audsongs 2016

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