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All the words that I can speak can’t form a single rhyme

Nor hammers on a bell will ever make them chime


A hundred thousand starlings won’t darken skies above

Until I’ve finished searching searching for my love


And oh when the rain finally falls

The spring time will shake off the cold

And oh when the sun finally shines

I’ll put your little hand in mine and walk until we’re old


Snow won’t cover mountain tops with their rivers far below

Painters close their eyes to colours they don’t know


A billon lights in darkness will never reach this world

Until this boy looks into your eyes and says that you’re my girl


Sand on every beach and leaves upon the trees

Won’t know the very reason why they’re supposed to be


The air we breathe inside and water in the sea

Won’t come around my house until you are here with me

© Michael Worthington Music 2016

Love song.

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