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Top Of Your Head


Hummingbirds are using words singing songs I’ve never heard.

The tide is made of whey, and the moon is made of curds.

Every child’s child’s gone to bed.

With a kindly shiver old man river transfused the sea.

There’s a drop of blood in a pint of beer confusing me.

The world is blue and green and gold and red.

I came up with this off the top of your head


Looking down on your part, right down to the strings of your heart.

My memory’s keeping time.  Your brown hair is melody and rhyme.


There’s a dying fly who caught my eye and won my sympathy.

There’s lactic acid building up in the breast of a bee.

A lonesome spider’s making its bed.

Starry nights and the satellites are swimming in my head.

What if Isaac Newton was William Tell instead?

There’s a thought that’s full and ripe and red.

I came up with it off the top of your head


A tawny fawn awake at dawn and the moonlight stared him down.

A twelve point buck just broke his luck with a doe from out of town.

And every, single thing I’ve ever said

I’ve come up with off the top of your head

© Audsongs 2002

Pagan Mary era song written after the record came out.  Here's a still from a cool video.

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