There But For The Grace Of Her​


There’s nothing so lonesome as this empty room

Feeling sorry for yourself, a house becomes a tomb

Sometimes it’s easy to sit down and cry

There but for the grace of her go I


Watching lives pass you by and sorry that you came

A body that was once so strong has become so lame

Praying you’ll be lifted up to kiss the sky

There but for the grace of her go I


Ten cents for twelve dreams is all I can afford

And there’s no use in asking help from any lord

I want to swim the ocean, I want to learn to fly

There but for the grace of her go I


So here’s to the water, here’s to the stars

Here’s to all the music that comes from this guitar

Here’s to a home and here’s how to fly


© Michael Worthington Music 1997

It's on the Song A Week project, but written years before.  First song I wrote after listening to Townes' High, Low And In Between.

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