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Second Look

In my prime there was a time, girls would pull up on a dime.

These days I lay my money down. They say the clown has come to town.


Double takes are just mistakes. Authentic stares are always fakes.

Propositions get withdrawn. When I come on, they’re always gone.


And if by chance, a stolen glance

should come my way, I’m called a crook.

They try to save the glimpse they gave.

I used to get a second look.


They seldom give the time of day. It’d be a lie for me to say

they make a pass or bat an eye when all they do is pass me by.


Well I guess my day is done. I’ve had my moment in the sun.

I’m weather-beaten from the race. You can see it in my face.


There’s lots of fishes in the sea, but schoolgirls never look at me.

The bait has fallen from my hook. I used to get a second look.

© Audsongs 2010

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