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Happy Christmas I Suppose


The streets are paved with asphalt in this town

The price of stuff is going up and spirits going down

Wondering if this winter’s like the last

But someone’s singing carols in the bar that I just passed


I can’t see the shop signs for the snow

Imagine it’s a movie I’m an actor that you know

Peace on earth but I have to make sure

That the tiger glows and Christie and that thing at Jane and Bloor


Happy Christmas I suppose

Will you be giving gifts

Or watch those Christmas shows

Happy Christmas we’ll just say

Will you see your family

On this or any other day


Friday was as black as Christmas white

But other shades best tell the tale that I’ve heard all my life

More metaphor than a greeting card

Where snow may blanket where you sleep or cover my front yard


Here’s my carol

Not the one you hear in church

Here’s my Christmas song

Or on the 8 track Christmas morn


I once heard Bing Crosby sing a song

Maybe it was Burl Ives but I had just had to sing along

I know Christmas morning in a place

Saddled with the present trapped in states of grace

© Michael Worthington Music 2014

Not your parents' Christmas song.

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