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Rabbit’s Foot


Easy enough to glide across the floor

Harder though to dance in sand

Time and space anything becomes a god

Or is that the master plan?


So take your rabbit’s foot

And put it where you’ll keep it warm

Don’t sell me a rabbit’s foot

I don’t want your crooked charm


Do you believe in right place right time?

Or was it in the stars?

The more I try the luckier I get

Roy Sullivan’s tale in one too many bars


Was your father born in Bethlehem?

Pennsylvania, was he a steel man?

Did your mother bottle snake oil?

All the way and back again


Count backwards from ten

Touch left, then right and left right again

Tell yourself it’s your zen

Go back and start again


I walked under a horseshoe

A black cat crossed my eyes

My cyanide turned to Kool-Aid

St. Anthony’d lose his virginity if he tried

© Michael Worthington Music 2014

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