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Phthalo Blues

Staring at this canvas it's staring back at me

A haze of magic white is all that I can see

Inspiration's on vacation and the muse is off on the booze

Is it paint thinner I'm smelling or have I got the Phthalo blues

Sap ain't green with envy, yellow's just a cad

Don't get me started on the permanent red cause I'll go mad

Alizarin ain't so crimson and there's three more whites to choose

Van Dyke is a dick and I have got the Phthalo blues

My colour wheel is rollin' right outside the door

My fan brush ain't a fan he don't like me anymore

My easel is a weasel I've got no patience for these hues

There ain' t no explanations I have got the Phthalo blues

© Michael Worthington Music 2016

How could a Bob Ross tribute album not have a song called Phthalo Blues?

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