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Kurt Cobain can you see?

Desired all that but I had to be me.

Son of the father pride of prairie;

First round pick of the Virgin Mary.


Under the same sign can you imagine?

Half of the luck and half of the passion.

Half of the gift only the wanting;

Rattle the rooms this body is haunting.


So what is a life supposed to be?

Shooting stars in the Baltic Sea?


I would barter away a fortune and fame

to earn a measure of different acclaim.

Where blood and where tears are one and the same,

and few even notice that I have a name.


I’ve been to Europe and stopped in cathedrals

Staring at statues both righteous and evil.

Played in arenas and played in the streets;

Never rose once to the heights of your feats.


So what is the difference between heaven and hell?

To play four games in the NHL?


There is no reason that puts us together

But it’s on my skin like a change in the weather

Because I know the lines and I have rehearsed

Stick on the ice chords in the verse


So where is the value in taking a gun,

and blowing your head off before you’ve begun?

© Michael Worthington Music 2014

From the Song A Week project in 2014.  

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