My Heart Is A Hearth


My heart is a hearth that’s covered with embers

cast clear from the flames that danced o’er the wood


My heart is a hearth ever inviting                     

warming the children and all that is good  


My heart is a hearth of the heaviest stone

laid with the blood and sweat of ten men


My heart is a hearth in your living room

dirty and unseen and permanent


Though I seldom use the word I thought I’d take it on where it lives

And though the veil of metaphor is thinner than it usually is


My heart is a hearth from deep in my body

covered with soil cut from the earth


My heart is a hearth you’ve known it forever

Remember its turns forgetting its worth

 © Michael Worthington Music 2014

From the Song A Week project in 2014. 

Mike Scott-ish.

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