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Moon Song


There’s a smudge on the moon about 2 o’clock

where men are trying to sleep

It’s been a long day in tranquility bay

where moon dust is starting to steep

Miles to go and promises kept

Heaven and earth


It’s cold in Kamtchatka and Kodiak

and war is a hell of a thing

So if stroking the flag is more of your bag

go with your God or your king

Get on your boots pull down your hat

Piss in the wind


The man in the moon isn’t smiling,

cause he’s in love

He’s having a big cheese eating laugh

and pulling fundy tides

and making werewolves howl


Space is lovely dark and deep,

but there’s a promise maligned

Shooting for freedom shooting the moon. 

More a small step for mankind

Spilling of oil spilling of blood

Time for a change


You’re a fool to believe all the rhetoric. 

People are good and are just.

We’re all the same no matter the name

institutions build the mistrust

The price is more than the trillions

Song for the moon


I’m just on a vector here but I have to say

I don’t understand

They can fire Michael Collins into space

but can’t fix the mess

down here on earth

© Michael Worthington Music 2010

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