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Morning Walk


The sun rubs my shoulder with a tentative hand

But the cool hits my chest like a champ

Past hydrangea and crooked walks I’ve seen but I don’t know

The day will overwhelm the damp


A silver drone of cars like a river I know

Though I am safe in my womb

Listening to a Paul Simon song you’ve never heard

Called Dazzling Blue


Six of one five of its brother

Give me a singer’s voice to talk

Has to be one or the other

How do I balance this on a morning walk


There’s a man with a cane much older than I

Takes the spring from my knee

And young ones in boots from a building site

Have come for morning coffee


Everybody here’s going somewhere

To the rhythm of some clock

A stone in a stream it’s all lost on me

On my morning walk

© Michael Worthington Music 2016

My house to the Tim Horton's in the Esso.

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