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You can spend all your days just worry and dread

One day you’re a baby blink and you’re dead

But don’t lay me down like one of that kind

I may be dumb, but I sure ain’t blind


Play the hand that’s handed to you

Win some you lose some, it’s all point of view

If you are losing, take down this verse

Resolve for yourself which hand is worse


You can’t break a heart that refuses to tear

You can’t play a tune a capella

Not sure of the sun or what I had done

Then I met Isabella


Say an alchemist met a tailor at church

And said to the other how was the search

Just like everything else that I do

I only wish it could happen to you


So here is a rock and here’s something hard

Here is Euclid and here is the Bard

Lazarus, Buddha, Mull of Kintyre

Be careful of wishes and lustful desire


I couldn’t stay so I walked away

And she stayed with that fella

I tried to go but my heart told me no

So I kissed Isabella

 Another teenager’s playin’ a jig

All hair and clavicles makin’ it big

But don’t lay me down like one of that kind

I’ll write a ditty if I’m so inclined


Alot of a good thing can be something bad

Like sunshine and sugar so says my dad

But stay at the table just for to see

If you’re a luckier bastard than me


One traveler I, this is my sigh

And I just have to tell her

Two roads in a wood, not long I stood

And I chose Isabella

© Michael Worthington Music 2014

From the Song A Week project.  Joe week 15.

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