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He Dreamed Of Bobby Orr

All alone on a backyard rink he’d skate,

and listen for his mother’s voice saying baby it’s late.

And his father calling come along

there’s hot chocolate on the stove and the game is on.
Just last summer he turned four.

His little nose was nearly frost bit and his feet were sore, 

and he dreamed of Bobby Orr.


Wanderlust and money took him west.

Don’t worry mom and dad, he said, I know what’s best.

Calgary’s the place for me.

I’ll get a job, I’ll get a place. You wait and see

They drove him to the station. They ignored

that they eyes were filled with tears and their hearts were sore,

and he dreamed of Bobby Orr.


The bus blew a tire in Parry Sound.

He felt just like a blue mitt in a grade school lost and found.

In a strong defenceman’s coffee shop,

he sat between a drunken cabby and a traffic cop.

Then she walked through the door -

a thing of beauty he’d not seen and that’s for sure,

and he dreamed of Bobby Orr.


They made love. They made house and home.

It wasn’t long before the had a baby of their own.

He told her, she’s beautiful as you.

She’s got your eyes.  She’s got your hands and our future too.

Something was evening the score.

He looked at her and held her like he’d never done before,

and he dreamed of Bobby Orr.


He raced home with a small bouquet.

No money to go around, but that’s ok.

He found her in the arms of another man.

She’d broken every whispered promise and every plan.

He raised his fist and knocked him to the floor.

He looked at her and held her like he’d never done before,

and he dreamed of Bobby Orr.


Why oh why should Bobby fill my eye?

Why does he make me blue?

If I could dream of someone else I’d choose

to dream of someone new.

He sees is baby every other week

from two to eighteen years and a hundred and fifty feet.

His eyes are fixed like asphalt to the ground.

Everyday he walks the streets of Parry Sound.

He thinks of what he’s done and done it for.

He thinks of her.  He thinks of them.  He thinks no more.

He dreams of Bobby Orr.

© Audsongs 2014


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