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Green With Envy

I met her at a bar and she was pretty

Wishin' on a star in Galway city

At least I'm in the game a lass, a love, a laddie

She's callin' out a name, only my name isn't Paddy

I'm not about to get no shamrock or shillelagh

I still like a Guinness and a shot of Bailey's

Something's really troublin', I guess I never knew her

She wants to be in Dublin, but it's Dalton Road and Bloor

She broke my heart and oh my head

Won't somebody mend me

I'm all blue and I'm seeing red, cause my baby

She's green with envy

The wine didn't work or suit her panics

She's dreamin' over Cork but drinkin' in the Annex

I gotta make a choice so I bought her lots of presents

She was takin' in The Peasants

That's the final straw, this camel's back is broken

I'm serious this time, but I'm probably only joking

I know where you've been, go have the Irish fellas

Be weary of the green, and have the Irish fellas

© 2001 Audsongs

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