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Seven years alone in a freezer

Enough to make your lips turn blue

Miss the warm so much you believe her

I’ll be dancin’ when winter is through


Spinnin’ in a polar vortex

Or swimmin’ in the Arctic Sea

It’s the same dying more or less

I could make it if you swim with me


I’m Frozen


I know that I’m breathing I see it

But I can’t feel nothing at all

If you melt my heart you would free it

Last us maybe ‘til the fall


I’ve confused the light with the snow

Far too many times if you must know

Blinded by the light or just snow blind

Leaves me still trying to find


Would you believe in a palace

Blocks of ice as far as your eye

I lived in a town called malice

Left when there was blue in the sky

© Michael Worthington Music 2014

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