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French Girls Smoking Cigarettes


Once I got fooled into going to war

Like tens of thousands of young men before

I went for the romance on dark foreign shores

They’ve given candy to babies


The first seven weeks were all fine and well

‘Til they sent us all into the fires of hell

And I tried to listen, but I couldn’t tell

If the devil spoke German or English


Now I lay in an unmarked grave

King and country be damned if you’re saved

And the romance I got for all that I gave

Was French girls smoking cigarettes


I dreamed of a woman and falling in love

An olive branch safe in the mouth of a dove

But no woman would love me when push came to shove

I was killed by my kindness


And just for the record I’ll let it be known

That no pipe, no drum, no bugle was blown

And the guns that fired o’er me as I was laid low

Were the murdering guns in the distance

© Audsongs/Michael Worthington Music 1997

One of about three songs that we wrote together separately.  John wrote the lyrics in the 90's sometime, I wrote the music a few years later.  

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