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Famous To Me


Ah Uranus, you’re famous and no one can blame us

for cutting old Pluto loose.

You’re chuggin’ and chewin’, and pluggin’ and wooin’,

and closer to the caboose.


Discovered by Bill in Bath with a chill in 1781

with his new telescope and an old bar of soap.   

But he’s not the only one.

Oh Uranus, you’re famous to me.


Mistook for a star, and good looking from far,

on the kind of star you might be wishing.

I cast one eye; cast a net in the sky on a star.  O

h man now you’re just fishing.

Oh Uranus, you’re famous to me.


Your upper most clouds are methane and loud. 

But how come you’ve not just one moon?

Watch out for Neptune’s twin jealousy and his trident

if he tries to spoon.

Oh Uranus, you’re famous to me.


The internal heat of Uranus is low. 

One hypothesis suggests that it was hit by a super massive impactor

which caused it to expel much of its primordial heat.


Your radius baby is scary and maybe

your volume’s like 63 earths. I couldn’t fill it. 

So cold, couldn’t chill it, but honey for what it’s all worth,

Uranus is famous to me.


A featureless disc?  Ha! I shake my fist

at the scientists who’d just poo-poo ya.

I raise my fist to the pale cyan disc

to the naked eye though I hardly knew ya.

Oh Uranus, you’re famous to me.

© Audsongs 2014

Song-A-Week project.  John, week 20.

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