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Family Tree

Let’s you and me build a family tree.

Graft a piece of your pretty heart right on to me.

Go out on a limb. Stay out on a whim.

Before the dawn you know it’s always dim.

Give you all I got. She loves me not.

Take a blue root down on this beautiful spot.

In fertile ground, that baby’s China-bound.

Your maple leaf forever, I dig the sound.


The seasons take the love we make,

turn around and give it back for goodness sake.

And then in bloom, fruit of our womb –

We’ve made lots of hay. Now we’re making room.

Drink to the sky. The clouds know why.

I’ll let you in on it, Baby, by and by.

Just hold me still when I am ill

from too much celebratory chlorophyll.


When we grow pale and our flowers fail,

they’ll make a hardcover book of our fairy-tale.

For now, I like to hate how we vacillate,

Make sweet, tender love, then cross pollinate.

If one thing’s true it’s that I’m in you.

And you’ve always been right there inside me too

through everything and every ring –

concentric circles putting out, kindling.

© Audsongs 2014

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