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Muscle cars and old guitars

Don’t have a say

In what I’m singin’ ‘bout today

Tell Eric Clapton I’m okay


The thing that you call love

Don’t come this way

My heart is not a bird of prey

This is just me not Marvin Gaye


No dark eyed beauty here

No raven hair

Can make a couplet so I care

I’ll build a bridge and take them there


Just wait til I exhale

Do you want to go to jail

Harry, Justin, Donny(ie), Michael, too

Everything old is new


Nothing can alter my

Everchanging mood

Like so many I could include

But I don’t want to start a feud


Don’t need a Beatle wife

To be my muse

Anything can light my fuse

Have you heard Tangled Up In Blue

© Audsongs/Michael Worthington Music 2014

Hey, here's one we kind of wrote together.

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