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Edward Jordan

Eyes that once beheld a prison cell 

for a part in the Wexford rebellion

now survey the shining ocean,

pardoned and free, and it's fish, not freedom he's selling.

The flashing blades of Wexford seem a million miles away 

from salting fish out on the Gaspe,

but three daughters and a family where St. Lawrence meets the sea

are reason enough for to stay.

Edward Jordan was the last man hanged

for piracy in Canada's dominion.

Edward Jordan no rebels sang 

when around your neck justice was fast.

It was a merchant man from Halifax that made Edward a deal

to build a ship and sail it cross the sea.

To transport over salt fish, a king's ransom transport back.

Share the profits we'll agree

The captain's name was Stairs, and The Sisters Was The Ship

up the Thames she would sail.

But Jordan has his own plans, cause the rebel will remain

when you take the man out of jail.

Jordan had a rifle at the captain's back took aim

intending to bury him lead

The shot it found no target, but Stairs hit the sea

clinging to a hatch left for dead.

The captain made Cape Breton, The Three Sisters Port-Aux-Basques

and Jordan set to sail racing time,

but he was captured off the coast off Newfoundland

tried and hanged for his crime.

© Michael Worthington Music 2001

Again, just what it sounds like.  Can't I do anything creative?  Metaphor... anyone?  Some great playing on this recording.

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