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Court Jester


I came into your hometown just looking for a drink.

Dragged my ass into a bar thinking I might think.

My donkey tried to steer me straight.  I should have listened to my mule.

I’m a court jester who sings the blues.


Times were good.  I fell in love with you at your first word.

Off your tongue came melodies no one’s ever heard.

You sang an ugly ultimatum to me.  I chose the booze

Just like a court jester singing the blues.

And the blues won’t leave me be.  They just keep following me.

They just keep me down since I rode in to your hometown.


I can see your roof from here.  It’s needing some repairs.

I don’t know about heaven man.  I just can’t stand your stares.

Please take your sad eyes off of me. Mama, look down at your shoes.

for a court jester who sings the blues.


Forty days and forty nights of women, wine, and song;

In their dreams is where I really feel that I belong.

Come on back to sleep with me so I can lose

this court jester who sings the blues.


I can’t walk on water.  I just stepped on people’s toes.

They don’t look me in the eye when they look down their nose.

Authority and I have differed on some views –

A court jester who sings the blues.


I don’t come from royalty.  Blue bloods make me wince.

I’m just a lonely pauper.  I’m not some Pauper.Prince.

Let alone this joke above my head ‘King of the Jews’.

I’m a court jester who sings the blues.


Have you ever had a nine inch nail driven through your wrist?

This is so surreal man.  Just last night I’m getting pissed

with a green-eyed girl in her father’s bar.  Called herself Sue

to a court jester who sings the blues.


Please don’t start no rumours.  Don’t talk of me when I’m gone -

just a simple eulogy, just a child’s song.

You can use my melody.  The words are yours to choose

about a court jester who sang the blues.

© Audsongs 2010

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