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Box Spring Daisy In A Flowerbed

I checked my book.  It ain't that bad -

the time I took with the time I had.

I know where it went.  And I'm glad it's gone.

It all got spent, was all just rent paying off a song.

And I will be your covered bridge.  Keep your memories of me fresh.

Put 'em in a fridge.

And I'll be leftovers too because you make too much of me. 

That's what you do.

The wind won't blow when he can't find no place to go

where the air is kind

He'll just hold his breath 'til the sky turns blue,

fake his death in a game of chess, pawn it off on you.

And you will be my violet queen riding around this checkered town

in an ivory limousine

And I'll be your one trick knight, do the horse around,

whinny, get the angles right.

The sun don't spill on you every day, 

so when it will, try and catch a ray.

Put it in a jar.  Close it up real tight.

You'll need that star when it's black as tar in the middle of the night.

And I will be a shadow there - a piece of chalk, the furnace knock,

a creek beneath the stair.

And I'll be right by your head, a box spring daisy in a flowerbed.

© AudSongs 2019

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