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My Father's Face

My father's face has grooves in it each appear in bold

In great relief when he is warm, recess when he is cold

He got them watching water freeze spraying winter lawn

Two feet from my frozen pane, miles from our dawn

Planks of pine will line his work like trees around a lake

It may as well be Galilee beneath the strides I'll make

But I will be the one who doubts my steps upon the sea

Then with a simple child's chair he steadies me

An easy act of science, a frozen frame on sod

But he is not the carpenter, I'm not the son of God

His sleep was broken by a chord, his ice cracked by a pick

His heart was scarred by a guitar, his dream a hockey stick

I nailed his wishes to a cross and saw that it was good

I know it isn't lost on him how much is made of wood

My father's face has grooves in it he got them in the cold

Building us a backyard rink behind the home he sold

Sometimes sons break father's hearts - I know more than I knew

Begging you forgive your boys, they know not what they do

© Audsongs 2014

Love song.

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