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Song About Wrestlers


Jimmy Snuka was the superfly

Jack Mulligan had the claw

Nature boy used the figure four

Jack Duggan was the hack saw


Greg the hammer  Indian Jay

Leaping Lanny wrote sweet verse

Andre was a giant man

But you dear are the worst


But you’ve got moves I’ve never seen

like the estrogen mind warp submarine

I end up apologizing when you were wrong

The figure five and frozen peas

The stunner and the amputee

Man I could fill another whole damn song


Rowdy Roddy blew the pipes

Let’s just leave that there

I wished you hug like haystack Calhoun

Instead you threw a chair


I’d fall across the table

You’d scream and cut your head

like Jake snake and King Kong Mosca

I would just play dead


You’re not exactly Bobby the brain

I’m not the million dollar man

You’re more like Jimmy mouth of the south

And I’m bald like Hulk Hogan


I’m too young for Whipper Watson

and too old for the Rock

and you  love the Sheik and hitman Hart

and beat me round the block


I wish I was the Macho Man

cause your heart is just stone cold

at this point I’d take a body slam

or head lock or toe hold


I’m just your junk yard dog I guess

wish I was big john stud

I’ll happy share a camel clutch

or a suplex or a half nelson or a full nelson or a choke slam or a pile driver or a

© Michael Worthington Music 2019

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