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Ice Pick Lobotomy Blues

Mom said I always acted like a fool

Teacher said I was wild at public school

Gotta fix this kid is what they said

Saw a doctor he tested me a hundred times

Shocked my body said I had an evil mind

He knew just what to do - yahoo

Like a straw in a cherry slushie

Poke around it's kinda mushy

I used to be bad now I'm just confused

I got the ice pick lobotomy blues

Brought me in and strapped me to a table there

Saw some tools a bucket and some cable there

I tried to run away - hey hey

He took the pick and held it like a hunting knife

Behind my eyes flashed someone else's life

He stuck it in - chin chin

Now I sit and stare and watch the world go by

Got a scar above my right eye

That's the end of this song - so long

© Michael Worthington Music 2019

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