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Read This When I Die

I wrote this down before I kissed your cheek

Just another thought, just another week

No need for words, you don’t have to speak

Just breathe and listen to a train


Celebrate life ‘cause you don’t take nothing with you but your soul


You don’t have children you make them with love

Your tears are just tethers my soul is above

Nobody loses, no need to speak of

All that you think you have lost


Let the wind take my ashes as sparks from a flame

To a cabin in the forest where none can lay claim

Just giving love not taking our names

I’m still lying beside you


I had a father that I never met

And another who left us and tried to forget

We stole bread from the soldiers and smoked cigarettes

Before I came to this country


So let the universe keep doing its thing

If you want to touch something keep wearing my ring

But I am the sun and a warbler in spring

The leaves in the fall and the flowers

© Michael Worthington Music 2019

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