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The Cliche Song (For John Mayer)

I see the future in your eyes

But whiskey can't erase the lies

That bring the rain to desert skies

And now my heart is broken

I wrote this song in five minutes

John Mayer thinks it's great

but Leonard Cohen will be waiting

at the pearly gates

The sunset always makes me cry

Your love was always worth a try

You never even said goodbye

Now this bottle's filled with tears

I just need time to make it right

Baby please just spend the night

Let's make up we don't have to fight

I'll be a better man

I ran around but I'm on my knees

Beggin you to have me please

I'll climb a mountain and swim the seas

To have you once again

Lonely footprints in the snow

Mark the pain you'll never know

Strangers everywhere I go

You're the only one for me

I can't just let you go

Your smile haunts me so

The dreams I may never know

Now that you're gone

We're still dancing in my heart

Where we make a brand new start

We never ever had to part

I'll love you forever

Your hair catches smoky light

When I feel you every night

Wish I could have made it right

Only memories remain

I think about my time with you

We've been together girl it's true

I don't know what I'll do

Without you by my side

So I alone I sit and think

Guess I'll have another drink

You've got me on the brink

And I'm falling

© Michael Worthington Music 2019

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