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My heart treads falsehoods in the seas. My heart is never on its knees.

Masked beneath a blue and grey collage, my heart wears camouflage.


My heart is hiding up its sleeve. It hibernates alone so it can grieve.

Sleeping silent in its winter lodge, my heart wears camouflage.


Try to find, your love’s gone blind

And bleeding where it stands.

Love’s a crutch and to the touch,

my fingered heart will slip through your hands.


My heart drinks to a desert land. Its head is buried in the sand.

There’s no oasis, no mirage. My heart wears camouflage.


My limbs are pinned to a tree. The stoic wood is not as hard as me.

It wears a mourning, red corsage. My heart wears camouflage.


Cupid, your arrows have no eyes. Each tip’s a thousand poisoned lies.

Send a single, sweet barrage. My heart wears camouflage.

© Audsongs 2010

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