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Sharon With The Moon


The church has opened up its doors

So this pilgrim has a pew

Stained glass is black at night time

But the moonlight still comes through


I’m Mary Shadd, on Monday I’m Charlotte Small today

I’m no lunatic despite what people say

I’m watching you writing you this tune

I’m Aggie McPhail and Debbie Brill

I’m Sharon with the moon


These boats were made for walking slow

So I don't scar up my knees

The coffee's fresh at 1 am

Black with two creams please


The man and I we get along

I know where he lives

If I’m waxing or I’m waning

I still reflect the light he gives


I know where I’ll sleep tonight

With my Harry and a spoon

We've been going through this phase

Since Muhammed split the moon


Sharon’s with the moon again

And those purple silhouettes

She left her coat with me tonight

Gone to look for cigarettes

© Michael Worthington Music 2019

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