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I'll Stand With You

There’s blood in Tlateloco and bombs in Birmingham;

Bullets in Soweto and a second class first nation.

And dreaming of the spirits before the white man came,

Sacred stories echo that we are more the same.


So they cleared Plaza Culturas 10 days before the games;

with flags of every nation engulfed by different flames.

Is it faster higher stronger in the body and the mind?

Or winners write the history and more are left behind?


I’ll stand with you. 


From a tunnel to a testament never seen before;

standing for the workers, fitted for the poor;

arms raised for their brothers a peaceful, wounded call;

a triad on a platform asking human rights for all.


I’ll stand with you. 


And Peter Norman standing in a shadow and in light

couldn’t know that he would suffer for doing what was right.

Half the way around the track sprinting from behind;

half the way around the world joining brothers of mankind.


I’ll stand with you. 


All my silver in Mexico wasn’t for the head of Christ

I’d have run the turn in Munich with the Israelis for no price.


A record that still stands today of speed and human rights

born the 16th of October 1968.

Like a pebble thrown into a pond, ripples ever growing,

every man is born the same hand in hand in knowing

© Michael Worthington Music 2014

This is what it's about.

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