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Smile More


Boy, she said, you got to smile more.

I said what the hell is there to smile for?

Look around you. Everything’s a gift.

All you got to do is part your lips.


Hey boy, how come you never laugh?

I said put ha ha on my epitaph.

Bury me head-first in the ground.

Turn that old frown upside down.


Hey boy, you’re like a lonely drone.

‘Cause you’re two feet, baby, from my funny bone.

Hey boy, I’m down on bended knees.

Be looking for the flash when you say ‘cheese’.


Irony’s the sweetest little joke.

I’ll keep my punchlines hidden like a knock-knock poke.

Maybe if you could spare a grin.

I’ll take one glove off you. Go in


Canterbury there’s a girl –

a gap-toothed, lusty wife.

Space for five, all dead by her.

Picks her teeth with the Skipper’s knife.


The Mona Lisa has a mystic mouth.

The Arno River first flows to the south.

Her flow rate is irregular at best –

Alfredo spilling down Da Vinci’s breast.


My face is long but baby, it’s all mine.

I’m laughing on your inside all the time.

Sold my naked soul just like Faust.

I’m horsing when I tell you that I joust.

© Audsongs 2019

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