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Abbrev. Song (Commuted Sentence)

There’s an APB that’s out today for a B&E at the CRA

And a DUI, so my ETA, FYI is not today.

My GPS has the HSV. My IBS is from old JD.

They’ll never pin the rap on me. I’m slippery from the KFC.


That’s my A-B-B-R-E-V song. It won’t last long.


LMAO, my ass is gone. It’s just a game and we’re all just pawns

between the guns and the border play of the MNR and the NRA.

Now the OPP they got me PDQ for some Q&A like an SVU.

Oh, the R&R? Ya, I got that too in an SUV from a girl in blue.


Her TLC was a nightstick blow. I took off like a UFO.

She screamed just like a VHF, a thermospheric treble clef.

That siren nearly made me deaf. WTF?

She chased me for a decent spell. Props, she’s an XXL.


I eluded her and to this day I’m living at the YMCA,

half Dillinger, half Socrates asking questions, catching ZZZ’s.

© Audsongs 2019

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