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Hoping On The Other Side

Hope springs eternal like day is diurnal,
like sad is a darker shade of blue.
I threw a penny in a fountain, made a wish upon a mountain,
hoping on the other side was you.

I’m indifferent about the colonel

though his emissions are nocturnal – 
chicken-choking the whole night through.
He ain’t even in the army. His private parts could harm me.
I’m talking about his CO2.

Now there’s another Sanders,

good for geese and good for ganders
and way less greasy that a duck.
No one’s getting fondled when a Bernie trumps a Donald.
If you want a Russian douche, you’re out of luck.

My wishes keep on falling in a well without a bottom.
I don’t know if I’ll ever hear them splash
like urine on a leader, like a sauna in a cedar,
like tears at the supermarket cash.

So, I’ll just keep on picking and finger-licking
and not fretting up the board.
There’s a string outside my bucket. I’ll fill it or I’ll pluck it,
and make a list of blue notes I’ve ignored.

© AudSongs 2019

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