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Brandy Alexander


I won’t see the sun go down behind the hills tonight

My hands can formulate the words, but I just can’t play it right

Don’t need ‘em where I’m going where the seasons never change

And if I fall upon my knees I’m sure we can arrange


I told him that I loved him as we walked in through the door

I suppose these are my people now I won’t judge them anymore

But I can’t stop myself from playing who’s fucked up and who’s right

I’ll cash out I fall asleep an arm’s length from his side


I saw Brandy Alexander in a Queen Street coffee shop

She screamed and we all turned our heads and then her voices stopped

With quarters for her coffee in a fist scored with tattoos

She said tonight’s damn pop up shop foretells a harvest moon


I put my head in someone else’s hands and chose a new pen name

I used to play with honour now I don’t recognize the game

Maybe I’m an easy six, maybe I’m the dice

I’d put it all on one roll, but it’s so dark here at night


Drink to Brandy Alexander and Robert Johnson’s protégé   

I swear Marie is Leslie Jo I don’t care what  you say  

I’d gladly trade your tin pot fame and take it in the teeth

To dive into the inky shades of the Tyrrhenian Sea

© Michael Worthington Music 2019

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