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The Way That It Goes


You’re like the deepest sea, and I’m a river.

You agree to disagree, and I beg to differ.


You hold a grudge like Thor holds his hammer.

You guard your ass with equal parts silence and glamour.


That’s the way that it goes.

I’d give you the shirt off my back.

I don’t want to see you in no one else’s clothes.

That’s the way that it goes.


You’re like an evening dove. I’m just a sparrow.

I like your eyes real wide, and I like ‘em narrow.


You like the countryside, you’re like the city.

I like a big production, and I love a ditty.


 You’re a county fair, and you’re the circus.

 I’m jumping through your hoops to tilt-a-whirl us.


You got a steady job. I got a hobby.

You’re like the penthouse suite. I’m like the lobby.


You’re like an Mp3, but you’re still vinyl.

You’re not yet forty-five. Your groove is spinal.


There’s a blue sky, but we like it stormy.

Precipitate parades always made you horny.

© Audsongs 2019

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