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Carlita’s hands dug dark foreign lands.

Carlita’s nails are in soil.

Carlita’s mind was centuries behind.

Carlita’s legs were loyal.

And she wants these songs of her to desist.

And she can hardly ever resist.


Oh Carlita, you never really gave yourself to me.

I was watching you stroking the salt from the sea.

Oh Carlita you wanted to.  I promise you.


Carlita’s lips never took trips

Too very far from where she sells.

Carlita’s sound was pink and profound.

Carlita’s ears were seashells.


Carlita’s heart was a matador

Said she had it for something.

Carlita’s love was a semaphore,

Just a metaphor for signals.


Carlita’s face kept one ship in place.

Carlita’s tears were tethers.

Anchors were dropped.  Seabirds were cropped

Of wanderlust and feathers.

© Audsongs 2010

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