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By And By

My last thought was of my daughter.

My last dream was of you.

I’m so sick of bread and water.

Tonight, I get something new.

Preacher, take your leather bible.

I won’t even read it in the can

‘cause it’s just mediocre fiction,

but it makes good rolling paper, man.


Tell my baby that I really gotta go.

Tell my baby that I’m gonna miss her so.

All alone in the sweet I’ll lie,

By and by.


Governor stay my execution.

I’d really love to hear

your kind voice whisper

sweet nothings in my ear.

They say I’m gonna meet my maker,

but my makers died when I was two.

I was raised by the state.

Now I’m put down by it too.


I can hear your songs of vengeance.

Pretty soon you’ll have your eye

while you feed the hand that bites you,

and you raise them to the sky.

Well, maybe I deserve this.

Ya, maybe I should pay.

But who gets all my money?

I can’t say.


Now here come the injection.

I guess it’s better than the chair.

There’ll be no resurrection.

You can stop right there.

Now my eyes are getting heavy,

and my legs have turned to stone.

And my ears are ringing.

Won’t someone get the phone?

© Audsongs 2001

From Still.  One of Joe's favourites.

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